How to Keep Your Portable Toilets Clean?

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Are you planning to host an event that lasts for several days? Whether it is a full wedding weekend, a mini concert, a carnival, or a fair, the cleanliness of your porty potty is crucial to the success and reputation of your event.  

Unfortunately, there are special hygiene and sanitation issues when renting restroom facilities for a long time. So, what could you do to successfully complete these challenges? Here are several tips you can follow to keep your porty potty rentals clean. 

Have Toilets Professionally Serviced 

You probably will not require a professional toilet service if you only hold an evening or afternoon event. However, if you’re keeping facilities for more than a day, this is crucial. You should talk to the portable restroom rental provider to figure out the suggested schedule for emptying and cleaning out restrooms. This will be based on the type and length of the event and the number of visitors.  

You should have your toilets professionally serviced every day if possible. Separate the schedule if you need to perform some cleaning while guests are around. This will allow you to have a couple of available toilets.  

Assign Bathroom Attendants 

You’ve got to guarantee that there are individuals assigned to supervise the toilets. You should have bathroom attendants who’ll stay around big restroom facilities most of the time. This will guarantee that things smoothly run. The rental company might even be able to offer staff for this job.  

You can also assign a cleaning department to oversee the facilities if you cannot find volunteers or afford to hire people to serve as full-time attendants. These people will examine the restroom’s cleanliness, refill supplies if required, and guarantee that everything is properly working. Attendants should also occasionally open the doors if possible. This will help air out the bathrooms.  

Incorporate Hygiene Supplies 

There are a lot of fixtures you could purchase or rent to keep your restrooms clean. You can begin with proper hand-sanitizing stations in every restroom. If towels, garbage cans, water, and soap are convenient, people will be more likely to clean up after they use the restroom.  

Also, you might want to add other sanitation supplies. This will help promote cleanliness and keep the toilets odor-free. Think about things such as disinfectant wipes, hygiene supplies, air deodorizers, cleaning tablets, and hand sanitizer. Keep a lot of toilet paper and towels stocked at all times.  

 Rent Enough Toilets 

You should not scrimp on the number of outdoor toilets. Your porta potty rental provider can help you determine the suggested number of restrooms. This will be based on the length and the size of your event.  

In addition to that, you should also include restrooms that are accessible by handicapped individuals and baby-changing stations. This will be based on the numbers the company provides you.  

If you’ve got too few restrooms, you’re creating a recipe for a catastrophe. You might be able to make up for this by ordering extra servicing and cleaning throughout busy days. However, there are a lot of risks associated with having too few portable toilets.  

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Understanding Your Demolition Estimate

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You will want to know how much the project will cost and the breakdown of the cost before you start any demolition project. A professional contractor will offer you a bid or an estimate when reaching out to them about your project.

Today, we are going to help you understand your demo SF estimate.

Difference Between Estimate and Contract

Before we start, it is important for you to know the difference between estimate and contract. For those who don’t know, the estimate is based on assumptions and facts. It is an estimated calculation. On the other hand, a contract is what comes after you approve the estimate.

A contract is a legal paper where all the assumptions and facts are verified in writing. A contract includes every information of the project, such as project changes, processes for conflict resolution, responsibilities, project timelines, dates, and much more.

Payment Terms

It is vital for you to know payment terms, such as the payment schedule and accepted payment forms. This includes financing, card, check, or cash.

For instance, is the company asking money upfront? Keep in mind that you should only pay no more than 50% upfront.

Cost of Permits

Before the project can start, almost every demolition project needs a permit to be obtained. A professional contractor will have no issue obtaining the permit for you. it is probably an indication that they are not qualified to do the job if they aren’t willing to pull the permit for you.

Because of that, a permit usually costs $150 to $350. However, depending on where you live and your project, it might be more or less.

You have to ensure you know the cost of permits and make sure it is included in the estimate.

Cost of Materials

Almost every demolition project doesn’t need materials. However, some do. This includes interior demolition projects.

If you hire a professional to handle the demolition, the estimate should include any replacement materials that the company will use if you aren’t buying the materials yourself.

These materials can be sod or grass seed and topsoil that are installed after the project is done. It can also include the required materials to build another structure.

You have to ensure that the information is included. Also, you’ve got to ensure that there is a breakdown of the material cost.

Cost of Labor

Whether it is by project, daily, or hourly, professional contractors are upfront about the rate they charge for labor. The estimate of the contractor needs to list what kind of labor rate they charge for the work.

The professional should also estimate how much time they expect the project to take based on the details you provide them if they charge a daily or hourly rate.

These are just a couple of things you’ll find in your estimate. If you’ve got any inquiries or questions, do not hesitate to contact the professional. If they aren’t willing to answer your questions or explain the estimate, it is probably an indication of a dishonest company.

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When should you repair your Drywall?

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Drywall in houses does not only make the home more beautiful but it also serves as a protection to the people living in the above. Nothing is perfect and nothing can last forever, hence, even drywalls need some fixing through time so that it can continue performing its purpose which is to provide good insulation in your home. If you have had drywalls in your home installed by professionals like painting and drywall repair in Raleigh NC, it is important that you should also know when and how to repair it.  

The best way to repair the damages of your drywall in your home is to call for the same professionals who installed it for you. By doing this, you will be assured that they are already familiar with what they are doing and what repairs are necessary for your drywall because they are the ones who installed it. It would not be difficult for them to recognize the materials used if they will still do the repair.  

If you are still wondering whether or not your drywall needs a repair, you need to focus on these signs. If they fall on a lot of these signs below then it is truly time to contact your trusted drywall installation or servicing to help you out in the repair that you are going to do. 

Below are damages that need to be repaired: 

  • Holes in the drywall – if there are already very big holes that cannot be repaired by a simple trip to the hardware store then you have to let the professionals enter and do their job. If you let professionals repair this kind of problem, not only will they cover up the hole but they will also make sure that it will look like nothing happened in the area where the hole is.  
  • Water penetrating – when water leaks in your home, it can damage your drywall in a bad manner. Damage to drywall caused by water is not an easy thing to repair on your own. If this will happen on your home, you will really need to ask the help of the professionals as soon as you find out this damage in your drywall.  
  • Bothering drywall – a drywall is considered to be bothering when they come out from where they are put. This is very bothering to homeowners because this does not look good for your home. You will have a very bothering drywall when the installation of this drywall is not done by a professional or if it is done by a professional drywall company, they have done a very bad job in doing so because the normal drywall does not pop up or come out from where they are put because they should be secured.  

If one of these problems are common to your drywall, do not wait another month to have this repaired, call your professional drywall services now and ask for an estimate about the repair that is needed for the drywall in your home.  

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How to Determine Your Air Conditioner Needs Tuning Up?

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A lot of homeowners have gone through some kind of problems with our AC unit before. Are you unsure whether you want should call of assistance to repair your AC? If that’s the case, here are some of the signs you should look for:

The air conditioner isn’t cooling

Once your property seems like it is not being cooled to your thermostat’s temperature, you might start considering to have your AC repaired. You can easily tell whether this is true by putting your hand over the cooling register or air vent. Once the produced air is warm, that would be the perfect time for AC tune-up.

The air conditioner is loud

Sound is one of the easiest ways to tell that your AC needs to be repaired. Naturally, our air conditioning unit must be relatively quiet. If you start hearing buzzing, unusual grinding, or rumbling noises that come from your HVAC system, your air conditioner certainly needs to be repaired.

Air conditioner smells

The smell is one way to easily tell if your AC needs some tune-up. If you can observe a musty smell in your property, your air filter or air ducts should be cleaned. Leaking and development of dirt and debris could make your HVAC system to smell weird. As soon as you can smell a funky odor, it’s essential to have your AC checked for you to stop costly issues or even spores of mold from developing in the future.

The air conditioner is moist or leaky

Sometime, this could be more challenging to determine, but a leaky AC unit or a heavy moisture amount could be indicators that you need AC repair. This could be because of a refrigerant leak, which could be treated easily with the assistance of the air conditioning repair professionals once observed early on.

Weak AC airflow

Normally, you must feel air to come out of your vents. Once you start observing that the air that comes out of these vents is weak, your AC basically is in need to be repaired.

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Tips to Evade 3 Typical Road Problems

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Now that you are a licensed driver, you’re anticipated to do your best to always obey the guidelines, rules, and regulations. Also, you’re anticipated to do whatever you can to be careful while driving for the safety of yourself, other drivers on the road, and especially your passengers. Over the past few years, there have been 3 typical road problems that every driver should be aware of because they might encounter them. For this, will share comprehensive tips for you to prevent the following typical road problems: 

Driving and seatbelts 

When it comes to seatbelts, the laws are different from state to state. Even as a young driver, you must be clearly knowledgeable about the laws on safety belts in your state since you’ve learned the manual and you just have taken the permit and driving test. Although, if you are traveling, you might not know what the rules and regulations are while you travel from state to state.  

In this case, you need to click your seatbelts up. This would prevent you from getting heavy fines and being pulled over. Nowadays, safety belts appear to show the overall ability to save lives. Simply buckle up if you are in doubt. 

Texting and cell phones 

Laws about texting and calls also differ from various states. However, it is a reasonable bet that texting is not allowed in your area. If you’re unsure, you must not be making phone calls or texting while you drive.  

To start with, texting while you drive could become a major distraction and a major risk to take. It would only take an instance for an accident to take place. Hence, even that short text to your wife must only be done once you are still in the parking lot or you are pulled off the side of the road. Even utilizing your phone is one of the worst options to do as you drive.  



Laws about drunk driving don’t differ much from various states, as well as the allowed blood alcohol content level from every area. In terms of driving while buzzed or drunk, there is actually no “best” way to act this. Those drivers who assume that they become better drivers once drunk makes a massive danger to some drivers on the road, and especially to themselves. The main point here is that it’s an unfair and unsafe option to decide once you place other lives of the people at the stake as you drive under alcohol’s influence. This act could lead to injury or even the death of your loved ones, other people on the road, and also yourself. Might as well avoid driving if you are drunk or buzzed. 

Those are only a few of many tips you can get from our website about the basics of becoming a driver and much more topics about driver’s education. If you want to know more information or if you want to enroll for a private driving lesson before you start hitting the road, you can visit now and inquire. You can keep on visiting our website to be updated for the latest trends, tips, and information we can get to serve our clients better. Click here for more information. 

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