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Tips for Wet Road Safety

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Rain is fun especially in our childhood days. There are just many things that you could enjoy doing in the rain: sing, dance, play. But driving? Nope. In fact, driving in light or heavy rain can even induce anxiety to some people especially when they hear the thunder and see some lightning.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, there are approximately more than 950, 000 accidents on the road, resulting in 384, 000 injuries and 4, 7000 deaths each year all because of wet pavement.

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But of course, accidents can be avoided with proper car driving and with some tips.

1.If possible, wait until the weather improves

The most effective way to avoid accidents is to prevent yourself from driving when its rains. If you do not feel comfortable with driving on a wet pavement, then it is better to postpone your commute until the weather improves, as possible.

2.Double-check your car

Some vehicle accidents happen because of engine failure and other car-related issues. To avoid this, double-check your car’s equipment such as the taillights, headlights, tires, windshield wipers, and other necessary car tools that will equip you under the rain. Remember that balding tires reduce traction on wet pavements.

3.Reduce your speed

There is a speed limit, but you should not just settle for this, and instead drives slower than your usual speed. Accidents are doubled or even tripled on wet roads and your car’s reaction time is slower under the rain, so reducing your speed is important.

4.Use your windshield wipers

They are put on your car for this purpose, so use them whenever they are necessary. This is the most basic instruction that some people overlook. Yes, there are drivers who forget to turn on their windshield wipers, and few even intentionally turn them off, and just rely on their driving skills alone.

Remember that they are crucially important when it is raining as they clear the moisture from the glass and enable you to see clearer from your seat.

5. Always turn in your headlights

Most states always require their drivers to turn on their lights especially when it rains, as lightening them will significantly increase the cars’ visibility and the driver’s ability to see the road and avoid a potential crash.

6.Watch out for standing water

Standing water can induce hydroplaning, where a driver loses traction and skid across the road’s surface. To prevent this from happening, drive around places where water has collected, and change lanes.

Final thoughts

Driving requires skill, and this becomes more difficult when you are driving on wet pavement under the rain. Avoid accidents as much as possible by always follow the rules, and our tips whenever you drive.

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