How to Keep Your Portable Toilets Clean?

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Are you planning to host an event that lasts for several days? Whether it is a full wedding weekend, a mini concert, a carnival, or a fair, the cleanliness of your porty potty is crucial to the success and reputation of your event.  

Unfortunately, there are special hygiene and sanitation issues when renting restroom facilities for a long time. So, what could you do to successfully complete these challenges? Here are several tips you can follow to keep your porty potty rentals clean. 

Have Toilets Professionally Serviced 

You probably will not require a professional toilet service if you only hold an evening or afternoon event. However, if you’re keeping facilities for more than a day, this is crucial. You should talk to the portable restroom rental provider to figure out the suggested schedule for emptying and cleaning out restrooms. This will be based on the type and length of the event and the number of visitors.  

You should have your toilets professionally serviced every day if possible. Separate the schedule if you need to perform some cleaning while guests are around. This will allow you to have a couple of available toilets.  

Assign Bathroom Attendants 

You’ve got to guarantee that there are individuals assigned to supervise the toilets. You should have bathroom attendants who’ll stay around big restroom facilities most of the time. This will guarantee that things smoothly run. The rental company might even be able to offer staff for this job.  

You can also assign a cleaning department to oversee the facilities if you cannot find volunteers or afford to hire people to serve as full-time attendants. These people will examine the restroom’s cleanliness, refill supplies if required, and guarantee that everything is properly working. Attendants should also occasionally open the doors if possible. This will help air out the bathrooms.  

Incorporate Hygiene Supplies 

There are a lot of fixtures you could purchase or rent to keep your restrooms clean. You can begin with proper hand-sanitizing stations in every restroom. If towels, garbage cans, water, and soap are convenient, people will be more likely to clean up after they use the restroom.  

Also, you might want to add other sanitation supplies. This will help promote cleanliness and keep the toilets odor-free. Think about things such as disinfectant wipes, hygiene supplies, air deodorizers, cleaning tablets, and hand sanitizer. Keep a lot of toilet paper and towels stocked at all times.  

 Rent Enough Toilets 

You should not scrimp on the number of outdoor toilets. Your porta potty rental provider can help you determine the suggested number of restrooms. This will be based on the length and the size of your event.  

In addition to that, you should also include restrooms that are accessible by handicapped individuals and baby-changing stations. This will be based on the numbers the company provides you.  

If you’ve got too few restrooms, you’re creating a recipe for a catastrophe. You might be able to make up for this by ordering extra servicing and cleaning throughout busy days. However, there are a lot of risks associated with having too few portable toilets.  

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